May 02, 2015

From my Phone

Occasionally I upload pictures from my phone just to sort through them all. I'm never disappointed when I go back and see all the cute, weird, funny stuff we've been doing. 

The last few weeks in pictures from my phone show that:

We've posed for selfies. 

And I recreated a twisted pony tail I saw on Pinterest.

That we've enjoyed some spirited (and very PINK) softball games. 

That Libby earned the game ball.

And she was still proud the next morning before school. 

That I put on an Anna costume at work. Just pretend I had red hair. ;)

That Georgia Kate and Libby were looking cute on a Saturday afternoon. So I had to take a few pictures. 

This shot was taken by my friend, Pam, after church Sunday. Drew was out of town. 

This picture is when I had to bring in reinforcement with Libby's math homework. It was hard. And she's in first grade. It involved cutting shapes then gluing them to make a quadrilateral. A whaaat? Apparently will need to brush up on my geometry skills. Sigh.

That's life from snapshots on my phone. Until next time, blog friends. 

April 28, 2015

Spring Things

April has been busy and full of rain. Inches and inches of rain. But when it's not pouring, we've had spring weather to enjoy.

I've put away my winter boots and started pulling out my spring and summer clothes. 

I am enjoying these cute and comfortable loafers

And I attempted my first full set of Jamberry nails. The gold and mint stripes are really cute! So far they have lasted 1.5 weeks and I've gotten numerous comments on them. 

Libby and I enjoyed a Taylor Swift-themed party last weekend. These props were cute. 

And this child...

Have a great week. May is just a few days away and we're that much closer to the end of another school year. 

April 21, 2015

Birthday Girl

This cute girl turned SEVEN last week. Seven? That can't be right. But it is and she milked two weekends worth of celebration out of the deal. :)

The Sunday before her birthday we had her grand parents and Libby's great grandmother, Mot, over for birthday lunch. Libby enjoyed being the center of attention...and of course cake!

Georgia Kate was excited about the cake, as well!

We really enjoyed the time with our family. It was special to me and I know Libby felt loved. 

The next weekend, Libby celebrated with her friends. We invited five friends, plus two moms, to see Home. We loaded up on candy, drinks and popcorn and it was a hit! The girls giggled throughout the movie and had the best time.

After the movie we came back to our house for cupcakes and ice cream. 

Happy Birthday to our sweet Libby! 

April 11, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015 came as quickly as it was over. We enjoyed the weekend and the girls had fun with lots of activities during the week leading up to Easter. 

Libby and GK spent Good Friday with my in-laws where they dyed eggs and got in an early egg hunt. The next day we dyed more eggs at home. 

The littlest daughter was pretty messy, but with a smile that cute, we let her dye her heart out!

Saturday evening we had a casual Easter dinner with my parents. The girls got baskets from Mimi and Papa. Both had these bendable, soft stuffed animals. They were a BIG hit! Libby named her fox Noodle and decided Georgia's should be Doodle. Welcome, Noodle and Doodle, to the Parkman family.

GK is pretending to sleep in this picture. She is a hilarious unpredictable nut these days. 

We rose early Easter morning. The Easter bunny delivered some goodies and we got ready for church. 

Pictures before heading to church. My pretty girls!

We took a few pictures after church, too. 

After church we enjoyed a big lunch with Drew's family. We hid eggs for a cousins egg hunt. All the kids scored lots of candy. We have SO MUCH candy! I am tempted every time I walk through the kitchen. Gah!

It was a fun, beautiful weekend. I am thankful for our Risen Savior and time spent celebrating with our family. 

April 07, 2015

Spring Break: Part 2

Thursday afternoon of my Spring Break Mimi, Libby, Georgia Kate and I took off for a long weekend at the beach. 

We stopped at the Florida Welcome Center. Who knew there was so much to do at the rest area?

We got Panama City Beach early evening and got settled. The next morning the girls were up EARLY. It turned out to be a very cool morning. So after breakfast and cartoons we bundled up for a walk on the beach. 

Searching for shells kept the girls busy.

And playing in the sand never gets old. Ever. 

The first two days were cool and windy. The sun broke out the second afternoon. It was still chilly, but it sure was pretty to sit and watch the ocean. 

Georgia Kate thinks snacks taste better at the beach. I agree. 

And those sunsets never disappoint. God's handiwork for our viewing pleasure. 

We couldn't keep Libby out of the pool. The pool was rumored to be heated, but even Libby admitted it was chilly. She LOVES to swim. 

Our last day sure was pretty! Finally a little warmer, but still windy. Thankfully it was warm enough to shed our long sleeves and hoodies. 

Georgia Kate tested the water. It was FREEZING! 

Then she spent the next 30 minutes bundled up like a baby burrito. She was content to sit and chill.

Drew had been fishing in another part of Florida, but drove over to pick up me and GK. Libby and Mimi were lucky ducks and got to stay at the condo a few extra days. 

It was a fun trip, even though the weather was not exactly ideal for beach lounging. I enjoyed quality time with my mom and daughters. 

Spring Break 2015 was a good one!