May 21, 2015

First Day/Last Day

It's official, folks. Libby has completed first grade. She will be moving on to the exciting world of second grade in the fall. Hard to believe, but I'm proud of her and thankful for her growth and development.

First day of first grade compared to her last day.

A little taller and a lot less teeth! :)

Special things she did this year:

*Made all A's ALL year!
*Went to Disney World for the first time
*Developed an awesome love of reading (her test scores indicate that she finished the year reading on a fourth grade level. Awesome!)
*Lost four teeth
*Completed another year in our church's AWANA program
*Finished her second season of slow pitch softball

She had an awards program and ice cream party with her class to celebrate a great school year.

Libby with her fun, outgoing, sweet teacher, Mrs. Sawyer

The kids got to enjoy ice cream sundaes and top them any way they liked. Libby was proud of her creation.

Each child was given recognition in an area they excelled. Some awards are funny (most hugable, best dancer) and some were more academically focused. Libby was named the All Star Student. Her teacher explained it was because she excelled in every subject and was an all around good student. I was proud of her and she was excited to hear her teacher's point-of-view.

So long first grade, it was a good year!

It's obvious to me and Drew that's she growing up and becoming a mature young lady. But she'll always be our first born baby. 

Here's to a great summer break!

May 14, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had a busy, busy Mother's Day weekend. 

Thursday Georgia Kate's school hosted Muffins for Mom. I enjoyed spending time with GK. She enjoyed chomping on a huge, chocolate muffin and giving me kisses. So sweet!

Friday evening Drew and I helped host a wedding shower for our friends, Brett and Hannah. They'll be getting married in June. We enjoyed an evening celebrating their upcoming wedding. 

After watching Libby's ball game Saturday morning, we attended the Parkman family reunion. The girls were very social. Hugging cousins, great grandmothers and visiting with family. 

Sunday we went to early church. Here's a picture of the girl squad before leaving for church. #girlsrule

After church we enjoyed lunch with our families.  

The girls and Mimi. Side story: I bribed Georgia with a gummie so that she would stand still. She did, but asking for a smile was too much. ;) 

 The same afternoon all the cousins piled into this handmade canoe. They just loved it. 

Georgia Kate took a late nap so Libby and I enjoyed the pool while she rested. When she got up she joined us.

This was the first swim of the year. Our pool is officially open for the summer! 

GK will start swimming lessons is about two weeks. I have a feeling she is going to love the water as much as her big sister. 

Told you it was a busy, event-packed weekend. I was so tired from all the running to and fro that Drew cleaned up the kitchen (he was helping me celebrate Mother's Day) and I went to bed early. Zzzz!

I am thankful not only to be a mother, but to have such wonderful mothers in my life!

May 06, 2015

Orange Beach, AL

The last week of April I got the chance to travel to Orange Beach, AL for a Career Technical Education conference. It fell during the week leaving me to travel alone. Did you get that? All. By. Myself. To the beach. Yahoo!

I dropped Georgia Kate off at school and I hit the road. 
Destination: Alabama's Gulf Coast

I could only recall having been to this particular beach one other time about 15 years ago. And it did not disappoint. My hotel offered a great view of the sandy, white beaches.

I stayed at Perdido Beach Resort. I give it two thumbs up!

I had classes during the day, but they were gracious enough to let us out early to enjoy our afternoons. As soon as our meeting was dismissed, I changed into my swimsuit and was out by the pool relaxing and reading in record time. All three days were sunny and breezy.

After I got my fill of lounging I went down to the beach for an early evening walk. Even though I was on vacation, I still wanted to get in my steps! 

The shore was so pretty. So peaceful. So relaxing.

The first evening I had dinner at the hotel. Just my book and me. Ten years ago it might have bothered me to dine alone. But now, it was a treat. I relished in the quiet. I didn't have to rush to eat and no one called for "mama" at all. You know I love my family dearly, but I really, really enjoyed the down time. It was good for my soul.

Thursday evening after classes and time at the pool I had a dinner date with an old friend, Mandy Haber. Mandy grew up in our hometown and roomed in college with Coop and Heather. We have lots of funny memories from years past. She and her family live in Orange Beach and she is a talented photographer. You can check out her work here

Mandy and I ate at The Gulf. It's a cool spot that sits right on the beach. 

We picked up right where we left off. We exchanged stories about our kids, families and friends. About half way through dinner I talked Mandy into taking me to the world famous (should that be infamous?) Flora-Bama. She didn't need much convincing. Once she heard I'd never been there, she said, "Yes! I'll go with you! You need to see it for yourself!" 

After dinner we traveled less than a mile to the Flora-Bama. And friends, it was as great as I'd heard!

It was the Thursday of Mullet Toss (where people toss fish around the beaches) and it was packed with all sorts of people. Every age, every income bracket - some of the best people watching I've enjoyed in a while! 

Thanks, Mandy, for helping me check that fun task off my bucket list!

My conference wrapped up Friday afternoon. I drove home just in time to hug and kiss my girls before getting them to bed. 

It was great trip. I learned a lot from the conference and so enjoyed my time at the beach. I can't wait to visit Alabama's Gulf Coast again. 

May 02, 2015

From my Phone

Occasionally I upload pictures from my phone just to sort through them all. I'm never disappointed when I go back and see all the cute, weird, funny stuff we've been doing. 

The last few weeks in pictures from my phone show that:

We've posed for selfies. 

And I recreated a twisted pony tail I saw on Pinterest.

That we've enjoyed some spirited (and very PINK) softball games. 

That Libby earned the game ball.

And she was still proud the next morning before school. 

That I put on an Anna costume at work. Just pretend I had red hair. ;)

That Georgia Kate and Libby were looking cute on a Saturday afternoon. So I had to take a few pictures. 

This shot was taken by my friend, Pam, after church Sunday. Drew was out of town. 

This picture is when I had to bring in reinforcement with Libby's math homework. It was hard. And she's in first grade. It involved cutting shapes then gluing them to make a quadrilateral. A whaaat? Apparently will need to brush up on my geometry skills. Sigh.

That's life from snapshots on my phone. Until next time, blog friends. 

April 28, 2015

Spring Things

April has been busy and full of rain. Inches and inches of rain. But when it's not pouring, we've had spring weather to enjoy.

I've put away my winter boots and started pulling out my spring and summer clothes. 

I am enjoying these cute and comfortable loafers

And I attempted my first full set of Jamberry nails. The gold and mint stripes are really cute! So far they have lasted 1.5 weeks and I've gotten numerous comments on them. 

Libby and I enjoyed a Taylor Swift-themed party last weekend. These props were cute. 

And this child...

Have a great week. May is just a few days away and we're that much closer to the end of another school year. 

April 21, 2015

Birthday Girl

This cute girl turned SEVEN last week. Seven? That can't be right. But it is and she milked two weekends worth of celebration out of the deal. :)

The Sunday before her birthday we had her grand parents and Libby's great grandmother, Mot, over for birthday lunch. Libby enjoyed being the center of attention...and of course cake!

Georgia Kate was excited about the cake, as well!

We really enjoyed the time with our family. It was special to me and I know Libby felt loved. 

The next weekend, Libby celebrated with her friends. We invited five friends, plus two moms, to see Home. We loaded up on candy, drinks and popcorn and it was a hit! The girls giggled throughout the movie and had the best time.

After the movie we came back to our house for cupcakes and ice cream. 

Happy Birthday to our sweet Libby!